Dream of Death

My mind is filled with sadness,

Black as night, devoid of images,

With just one thing echoing in the darkness:

A scream, a loud blood curdling scream.

Now it is over. I’m surrounded by people I don’t know.

When I look, I see only darkness in the distance.

I look down, I see a casket, a single rose rests upon it.

It is familiar, yet strange to me.

I shed a tear, for a reason not known to me…

Then, boom, boom, boom…three shots from rifles.

Startled I look up, and I see her, clear as day,

But she is different now; she is embraced by light,

A bright yellow aura surrounds her presence.

She stands behind a tree, weeping.

It is then I realize…it is her in the casket.

She is dead she is no more.

She drifts toward me, slowly, solemnly.

She says some words: “Don’t mourn my death”

“Find happiness in life…” “Don’t be sad about my death”

“No sadness…no sadness…”

Her voice trails off…Her image fades.

I look around myself, there is no one around.

I stand before the grave…it is now filled.


From 1997