Writing is not just a hobby

Writing is a passion

It’s something that’s cathartic and revealing. It’s necessary, it’s an avenue and an outlet, it’s something we cherish as a species, all of us.

It’s like music, it’s got a melody, a rhythm, and it can dance a ballet across the page and into your head, sometimes staying with you for a lifetime.

As a member of many communities, I have sometimes struggled to find my footing and purpose within them. But I have always found that writing can be the outlet, writing can be a way to release the good and the bad. I can be a part of something, I can take from it and give to it.

It’s not always easy to sit down and write. to take the time and pour out what you’ve collected on a topic, or a group; but as I have found, it’s important, even necessary at times to take something, write it up, and even, if nobody reads it, to commit it somewhere, anywhere.

Taking out the trash

CRW_0074Just like your home, your brain can get a little cluttered sometimes, and can be in need of some good housekeeping. I like to write stuff out, sometimes, with the express idea of getting it out of my head, and into some form that I can come back to later. It’s something that helps me keep the brain clean and fresh.

Remember, only you can decide what’s trash and what’s worth keeping. but allowing yourself to commit both to paper (or your favorite medium) allows you to clean the mind, and keep it open for new ideas, concepts and thoughts.


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