A Year, Today

This is me, today

It’s been a year since I’ve gone full-time and never looked back.

A year ago this Friday (yesterday), I changed my office door tag, and walked out with my head held high. Not knowing how the rest of the company would react. I knew the risks and dangers in my department, and I decided to go with it, despite the challenges I knew I would face.
I decided to do it, on this day, not because of any significant reason, connected to the holiday, except that it would allow me to recover from anything I was doing on the weekend (Ear piercing, wardrobe change, etc). I am so relieved and happy that I didn’t wait until later in the year as I’d originally planned.
It was also time, because every day I wore his clothes, i died a little more inside. I felt gross, unnatural, and incomplete. I was so relieved when I walked out the door that day, that I changed in the parking-lot, and got in my car and almost burned the clothes I was wearing.
I was pretty much “full-time” outside of work, but decided to make the plunge after the memorial-day weekend.
Today is day 544, and I feel great. Be yourself, Be fabulous and most of all, know that you never need to hide.
It gets better.

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