Excerpt from One Step Forward


An interesting observation about life: you never know when fate will take you hand and guide you on the path you were always intended to follow.

When I was hired, my boss at the time had sage advice: this company can present unique and interesting opportunities from out of nowhere that can lead to other interesting opportunities. Nothing could have prepared me for how true this was.

About a week after I got back from a painful two-week vacation, My boss asked to start assessing the feasibility of building out infrastructure for one of our offices that my employer was scaling up. Part of the complexity of this particular build was that the onsite staff had no experience, was not part of the I.T. organization and were making bad, bad decisions.

As the only person in the department who spoke multiple languages (one of them being French), I volunteered to create (and consequently fill) a position for that office, being the international support manager. Duty called, I answered.

Taking this position was not without its risks, as I found out. Where the constant pressure and lack of oversight caused numerous planning issues and problems, which had to be constantly adjusted and resolved.

I will never regret this decision as it was literally the exact opportunity that put me on the path my eventual transition.

To this day, what amazes me the most is how fast all of this happened. Within the span of approximately 4 weeks, I had built the infrastructure for the new office, found an apartment and signed a lease for it.

On august 20th, 2015, I packed up some clothes, said goodbye to Irma, and got on a plane.

[more to follow]

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